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Sushifusion Cooking Courses

Sushifusion cooking courses take a maximum of 8 people and last for approximately 3 hours. The classes can be held at your home or in sushifusion’s kitchen in Küsnacht.

All the food produced on the course is for you to take home and enjoy.

Or why not have your friends around at home and learn to cook together and then enjoy eating what you have created with a good glass of wine?

Basic Sushi Making Class                For dates of next classes, click here

In this course you will learn all the basics of making sushi, including: where to find the ingredients, how to prepare the rice, how to cut the fish and vegetables and most importantly, how to put them all together (maki-style) in the perfect roll. This class is fun, it's educational and it's a feast!

  • The perfect sushi rice; washing, cooking and mixing
  • Preparation of vegetables
  • Maki (sushi rolls) techniques
  • Demonstration of two special sushi creations
  • Sushi cutting techniques for salmon and tuna nigiri.
  • Preparing tiger prawns for nigiri
  • Nigiri techniques

Advanced Sushi Making Class

This course is a more detail oriented class, to more finely tune your sushi making skills. Designed for students who have already taken the basic course, this class will teach advanced rolling styles, provide thorough instruction on ingredient preparation as well as fish cutting and the basics of Japanese presentation.

  • Sashimi cutting techniques for tuna
  • Preparation of kingfish tataki 
  • Seared tuna with sesame seeds  
  • Vegetarian tempura
  • Tuna and mango spring rolls
  • Miso soup with tofu
  • Inside-out rolls technique

Private Lessons

For the serious sushi fan or for those looking to add something really dynamic to their culinary repertoire, we offer private sushi-making classes. These lessons are designed to meet your individual goals.

Consultation Services

We offer consulting services for those looking to include Japanese, Asian Fusion food and other cultural activities in their private parties, corporate events
and restaurants.