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Sushifusion Events

Staff Development Events

We combine sport, cooking together and fun activities to ensure your staff have a fun, healthy and generative day together. 

Team Building

Is not just about climbing up trees and swinging from ropes.

Sharing the process of learning to make sushi together in a comfortable environment is a generative and healthy way to support teams through their development.

Our facilitators have over 20 years experience in the development and delivery of successful Team Development programs and coaching interventions.


Boardroom Lunches, Product Launches, and Cocktail Parties

We create tailored events to cater for the needs of your special International business guests and clients. An end to end service with drinks, food, crockery, cleaning and delivery.

Japanese Theme Events

We provide a consulting service to create your perfect Japanese theme event: Japanese cuisine, decorations, kimonos, traditional tableware and flower arrangements for restaurants or private parties.

Whatever event you are planning let the staff at sushifusion advise and help you to create a special event that will be enjoyed and remembered long after it is over.