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Irassaimasse! Welcome!

Sushi is an exquisite food. It is healthy and nutritious, visually stunning and is prepared lovingly and carefully, using only fresh, high quality ingredients. 

For almost 30 years I have lived a love affair with sushi. From the first moment I tasted it I was captivated. Since then I have watched sushi chefs all around the world, observing every detail of the way they cut the fish, how they prepare the rice and combine ingredients to create the masterpieces I have enjoyed so much.

Sushifusion catering was born out of a desire to bring this balanced, beautiful food into the comfort of your own home to enjoy with your family and friends.

My mission is to share my passion for Japanese food with you by carefully creating menus that excite your tastebuds and delight your eyes. 

To all my dear friends who have been willing guinea pigs over the last 20 years, thank you for your encouragement and support in starting sushifusion.

All of us at  sushifusion are looking forward to sharing our love and joy for Japanese food with you and your friends
on an occasion soon.